Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who did you vote for?

Someone asked me who I would vote for as President of the USA among the current republican and democrat candidate. I replied that as foreigner I have no need to torture myself trying to choose, and so I would not answer it. Nonetheless that got me thinking on that indeed your record as a voter should be made public because, as is, it is too easy for the voter to distance himself from his responsibility of a poor choice.

Coming as I do from a country like Venezuela and where the votes were made public and people were fired from their jobs just because they opposed Hugo Chávez, obviously your vote needs to be classified material, for a period, but, sooner or later, you should have to face your grandchild question "Grandpa, did you really vote this way? What were you thinking of?

PS. Just in case, I never ever voted for Chávez, and that is obviously why I dare to make this suggestion. In fact I have a spotless record. I have never voted for a candidate that was elected president.

Credit should be a one sided affair

There is nothing wrong to take credit whenever someone is buying a lot of your products with his income but, if the other one is also buying from you taking credit then, sooner or later, shit will hit the fan.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Should not lending to a sovereign be the exclusive prerogative of its citizens, of its taxpayers?

Financial conference after financial conference, the closer I am to believing that the financing of a sovereign, should be the exclusive prerogative of its citizens, those to whom a government should be fully and exclusively accountable to. 

Now if some foreigner or wants to finance a citizen or a corporation of a sovereign that is just great but if it goes behind the back of a sovereign’s citizens and gives credit to its government in easier terms than what the citizen thing it merits, that is probably going to end up very bad. 

For instance, what business had Cypriot banks lending to Greece and what business had the Greek government borrowing from Cyprus? Now both Greeks and Cypriots are suffering big time.

In other words, foreign creditors dilute the representation of citizens and taxpayers.